Aman attempts to nil Neil’s survival chances in Naamkarann


Aman plants the bomb in the dahi handi. Avni looks around for Neil and hides her feelings from Neela. Even though, Neela understands Avni’s feelings. Neil and Avni have a meet, following by annoyance. Avni asks Neil to break the Dahi handi. They all dance and celebrate Janmashtami in the locality. Neil and Avni express their emotions via the song. Neela feels something is fishy. She gets suspicious and learns about the bomb planted. Neil and Avni have a romantic moment. Neela gets them closer. Neil goes for breaking the Dahi handi.

Neil performs the rituals. Neela alerts Avni about the bomb in the dahi handi. Avni tries her best to stop Neil from breaking the handi. Neil reaches on top of the human pyramid. It gets hard for him to hear Avni and Neela. Avni asks Neil to get down. Avni tries breaking the human pyramid to make Neil fall down before the blast. Aman activates the bomb and enjoys seeing Avni and Neela in pain. Neil gets injured by the blast before he could break the pot. Avni finds Neil between the chaos. Aman acts innocent in front of everyone. Avni seeks help from DD and Aman. Aman finds Neil before anyone else and tries to take him away. Aman dumps Neil away from everyone’s sight and tries to hit him to make his survival chances Neil.


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