Aman creates hurdles for Avni in Naamkarann


Avni, Ali and DD try to reach the hospital. The ward boy gives them the liver in the box. Avni and Ali take the liver and leave. The car tyres get punctured on the way. Avni asks people to give them lift, they need a car, her husband’s life can get saved. Avni cries and requests people. Avni goes out to find help from people. Neil needs a liver transplant urgently. Avni gets worried. DD comes and tells them that he arranged a car for going to hospital. They all rush to the hospital to give the liver to the doctor.

Neil’s surgery begins, while Aman and Dayavanti try hard to kill Neil. Avni has to prove her love for Neil is true and very deserving. She can’t see Neil and his family in trouble. Avni wants to do her duties towards Neil and his family. She doesn’t want her bad destiny to strike Neil. Neela encourages Avni towards believing in herself and do her best to protect Neil. Neil will be recovering in the hospital. Aman will be trying to kill Avni, on Dayavanti’s commands.


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