Uma’s truthfulness to win Kanak’s heart in Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji


Kanak recalls how she has vented anger on Uma. Uma did not react to her anger. Uma keeps a smile on his face and pampers her on Teej festival. Uma breaks her fast by feeding her water. Kanak doesn’t like Uma’s coming. She tells him that their relation won’t work if he tries, this is not his Ladno. Uma is trying his best to convince Kanak, but she does not like it, she gets angry by his efforts.

She says none will accept your doings here, your words are not any rule here, no one will follow your commands, this is not your world, I have come back to my world, forced relation can’t have any identity and future, I m with my family now. Ved sees Uma breaking Kanak’s fast against her wish. Ved gets Uma arrested and decides to punish him for his mistake. Kanak realizes Uma was not wrong, he did not cheat Bhabho by snatching the job. She has misunderstood Uma for the crime which he did not do. Kanak realizes Uma has always kept the relation with heart. Kanak starts feeling for Uma.


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