Ashok works his plan out to marry Shagun in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

YHM: Shagun teams up with IshRa; Sudha gets targeted

Raman and Ishita get close to find the culprit. Ashok gets revengeful and harms Shagun. He gives her intoxicating pill to make her unconscious. He plans to marry her against her wish. He thinks of fooling Bhallas some how. Raman and Ishita find the watchman’s wife. The lady tells them that she has put the evidence in dahi handi. She describes the handi. Raman and Ishita try to find the handi. The man tells them about the handi fixed up for the dahi handi competition. Bhallas doesn’t know Ashok knows their plan. Raman asks the organizers to get the dahi handi down. The man refuses to get the handi down before someone breaks it. They all wait for the people to come and break the handi. Ashok lays a trap and sends away everyone from the house.

Ruhi finds out Riya’s problem. She talks to Riya’s Nanny and goes to find Riya’s dad. Ruhi and Adi meet Ishita and Raman, and learn the evidence matter. Adi tells them that Shagun forced him to go factory, but he was tensed for them. Raman gets worried knowing the Dahi handi competition group isn’t coming. The killer’s hired goon finds this a good chance to kill Ishita. He attempts to kill Ishita, while Raman is busy in getting evidence. Raman gets to see the goon and follows him.


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