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Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

Woh Apna Sa: Jhanvi has lied to Nisha about her husband. Nisha tries to wipe her sindoor, saying your husband has left you, he is dead. Jhanvi says he is not dead, nothing happened to him, he is alive and around me, you can’t touch my sindoor, you can’t force your thinking on me. Nisha shows the picture of the man who Jhanvi presented as her husband. Nisha says this man has died, you have to accept this, you are in shock. Jhanvi says if my husband is fine, why are you forcing me. Nisha says I m not forcing you, its a custom, you have turned into widow. Jhanvi threatens Nisha in anger. Aditya looks at them. He gets speechless.


Harak and Preeto talk to Soumya about Harman. Soumya tells them that Harman and she don’t have any husband and wife relation, why don’t they free them from this relation. Soumya loves Surbhi and feels the problems increased for Surbhi after her return. Harman has saved Soumya from Bangkok and asked her to return the money he has spent on her first, so that she can get free. Surbhi hears the conversation. Soumya is worried that Surbhi can’t settle because of her.


Mannu takes Amba to the panchayat to save Simran’s life. Mannu doesn’t want Simran’s marriage to happen so soon. She feels Simran should get mentally fine and decide about her marriage by her own will. Amba opposes Mannu as she thinks Simran’s life is over her happiness. Mannu realizes Simran knows something about Raman’s death that no one knows. She vows to find out the secret, that could help things get better for everyone. Mohini and Nihaal play a game and get Chandar back in Simran’s life, to break down Amba’s strength. Harjeet asks Mohini to use fair and unfair means, but not let Simran get away from their hands. Mohini asks Harjeet to just approve Simran’s marriage alliance in the panchayat.


Maya is in a bad state in jail. She has troubled everyone a lot till now. She can’t get escaped from the prison this time. A lady Jailer tells Maya that her entire life will be passed in the prison now, and it will depend on her how much good it will be. Maya begs to jailer to let her go washroom. Jailer doesn’t listen to her. Jailer imposes many restrictions on Maya. Jailer hands over a pot to Maya, asking her to do everything in her cell. Maya gets angry. Jailer makes fun of her and laughs. Maya didn’t feel much miserable in her life ever. She didn’t imagine she would face such bad time.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Teni does a new drama. Teni and Parth get a new avatar. Teni tells Kaki that Kaki is much caring as a mother and gave them money when she couldn’t see them in trouble. Shorvori and Teni made this plan to fool Kaki. Teni realizes Mohini Kaki won’t get right by any other way. She turns mischievous and tricks Kaki by flattering. Kaki says you have identified me right, I have kept the money secretly as I couldn’t see you all in problem. Teni acts sweet to Kaki. Shorvori sees if the plan is going on well.


Kusum Sundari planted bomb in Kalki’s bag and gets trapped in her own plan. Devanshi fails her plan. Devanshi has risked her life and defused the bomb to save the villagers. She has put herself in danger, but the credit goes to Kusum Sundari. A government lady tells Devanshi that she got a cheque for Kusum Sundari’s bravery, as Devanshi doesn’t have any proof of her brave deed. Kusum Sundari gets glad to get a cheque of 50 lakhs.


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