Naksh-Kirti to play Krishna-Radha in Yeh Rishta…


Kirti and Kartik get upset with Dadi’s decision to support Baisa. Kartik asks Dadi to change her thinking. When entire family leaves Dadi alone, Naira supports Dadi. Singhanias confront Baisa for doing Shuddikaran puja of Kirti. Everyone scolds her for using her rights to be eldest member in the family. They get upset that Baisa insulted Kirti, who they have decided to make their bahu. They all vent out anger and frustration on Baisa. Naksh tells Baisa that he can never forgive Baisa. He asks Baisa and Rukmani to be out of his marriage functions. Baisa gets too hurt by his decision and leaves from the house. Kirti asks Naksh not to blame himself, as she has no complains from him. Naksh asks her not to punish herself.

Naitik tells everyone that Baisa has done wrong and they can’t compromise with this. They all find Baisa’s leaving better for everyone. Dadi tries convincing Kirti. Dadi apologizes to Kirti. Kirti forgives Dadi. Dadi explains how she got in pressure and had to do this for Kirti’s sake. Naira asks everyone to celebrate happiness by Janmashtami. Both the families decide to meet and celebrate Janmashtami to cheer up everyone. Kartik and Naira recall their sweet memories on last Janmashtami. Singhanias invite Goenkas for Janmashtami. Naira gives hope to Suwarna about her relation with Kartik. Suwarna feels sad to abandon her son. Naksh and Kirti decide to play Krishna-Radha this Janmashtami.


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