Supernatural twists to add new drama in Devanshi


Kusum Sundari planted bomb in Kalki’s bag and gets trapped in her own plan. Devanshi fails her plan. Devanshi has risked her life and defused the bomb to save the villagers. She has put herself in danger, but the credit goes to Kusum Sundari. A government lady tells Devanshi that she got a cheque for Kusum Sundari’s bravery, as Devanshi doesn’t have any proof of her brave deed. Kusum Sundari gets glad to get a cheque of 50 lakhs.

Kusum Sundari threatens Devanshi that she has power and money in her hands now, and she will be ruining everything. Kusum Sundari hunts for a secret book and gets it in Ishwar’s room. Nutan catches her and asks her what book is she taking, what’s inside. Kusum Sundari refuses to tell her. Nutan tries to forcibly take the book. Kusum Sundari asks Nutan to leave the book. Nutan and Kusum Sundari fight, and the book falls down. There will be shocking twists around black magic and ghosts. The book holds big mysteries. Devanshi senses some storm is coming in her life.



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