New troubles for Jhanvi in Woh Apna Sa


Jhanvi has lied to Nisha about her husband. Nisha tries to wipe her sindoor, saying your husband has left you, he is dead. Jhanvi says he is not dead, nothing happened to him, he is alive and around me, you can’t touch my sindoor, you can’t force your thinking on me. Nisha shows the picture of the man who Jhanvi presented as her husband. Nisha says this man has died, you have to accept this, you are in shock. Jhanvi says if my husband is fine, why are you forcing me. Nisha says I m not forcing you, its a custom, you have turned into widow. Jhanvi threatens Nisha in anger. Aditya looks at them. He gets speechless.

Nisha wants Jhanvi to leave colorful sarees and sindoor, and dress as a widow as per traditions. Nisha feels Jhanvi’s husband really died and this should happen. She shows much concern. Jhanvi gets angry on Nisha and leaves from there. Nisha has doubt on Aditya and Jhanvi. Nisha wants Jhanvi to leave from her house any way. Jhanvi is not coming between Nisha and Aditya. Nisha is jealous seeing Jhanvi close to Aditya. Aditya has to hide his marriage truth from Nisha. Aditya assures Jhanvi that he will find out who is trapping them, someone has changed the photographs. He wants to find the truth of the fake photos.


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