Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita gets rescued


Ishita and Raman try to get the evidence hidden in Dahi handi. Taneja’s hired killer shoots Ishita and also grabs the evidence. Ruhi manages to get the evidence back from the killer by taking Nikhil’s help. Nikhil and Ruhi get the evidence to police station. They learn that Taneja is Mani’s murderer. On the other hand, Raman and Bala take lift from Taneja to take Ishita to the hospital. Taneja fools Raman and attacks Bala, so that he could run away. Taneja kidnaps Ishita, leaving Raman in shock.

Taneja kidnaps Ishita. He lies to her about the route. Ishita understands there is something wrong. She doubts on Taneja. Bala and Raman try to find Ishita. Ruhi gets worried for Ishita and informs the family about Ishita’s kidnapping by Mani’s murderer Taneja. Ishita talks to Taneja and tells him that she got saved when the killer shot her, then Taneja helped her and made Raman away so that he can target her. She understands his plan. Taneja admits the truth that he killed Mani and wanted to kill her.

Everyone prays for Ishita. Ishita manages to run away, but Taneja follows her. Ishita hits him and finds some way to get saved. Taneja threatens to kill her. She diverts him and tries her best to avoid getting sighted. Taneja gets angry on her for recording his crime confession. He destroys the proof. Ishita asks Taneja not to commit any other crime and better surrender. Taneja says its your mistake to know my truth. Bala and Raman reach the construction site where Ishita is tracked. Taneja falls down the railing. Raman finds Ishita. She asks Raman to save Taneja. Raman saves Taneja on her saying.


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