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Naamkarann: Neil and Avni come to their new home. Avni doesn’t want to separate Neil from his family. Neil assures her that everything will be fine. Aman thinks Dayavanti will get VIP treatment in jail and comes to meet her. He faces Gurumaa’s wrath. Gurumaa tells him that she has punished Dayavanti and now none can meet him. Amol hears Gurumaa’s plans.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman saves Taneja’s life. Taneja apologizes to him and realizes his mistake. Raman gets him arrested. Raman and Bala get Ishita to the hospital and get her treated. Ishita gets fine and asks the family to be happy. She thanks Kiran for becoming a reason to save her. She asks her mum not to fight with Kiran. Raman asks everyone to go home, and he would stay with Ishita at home. Raman asks Ishita not to act heroic again, as he can’t afford to lose her. He tells her what he felt when he saw her getting shot. He warns her against risking her life. Ishita asks Raman to have some rest. Raman and Ishita care for each other. Ishita feels lucky to have him. The family resumes their normal routine. Shagun feels guilty for everything. She decides to leave from Bhalla house.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3:

Advay invites Mika for the Sangeet. Everyone enjoys the Sangeet function. Indrani has plans to cancel Advay and Chandni’s marriage ceremony, and get Chandni married to Pratham. Advay asks Murli and Shilpa, his loyal aides to keep an eye on Indrani. Advay’s inspector-friend leaves for some urgent work. Advay asks Indrani to make Chandni ready for marriage. Indrani spikes his drink and makes him unconscious. Indrani tells Advay that Chandni’s marriage will happen, but with Pratham.


Naira feels nausea and gets a doubt over her pregnancy. She gets into an argument with Kartik. Dadi blesses her to have a child soon, as she has decorated the cradle well. Naksh and Kirti decide to play Krishna Radha in Janmashtami. Naira sends Kirti home. Naksh and Kirti decorate the cradle for Kanha. They see the family hiding and keeping an eye on them. Naksh promises to keep Kirti happy. Naira really thinks she is pregnant. She gets confused. She tells Kartik that she is feeling dizzy, maybe by much work load.


Anika apologizes to Vikram for the things spoiled because of her. He asks her not to feel sorry. He tells her that he really wants to marry her. Anika gets puzzled by his words. Vikram tells her that he was just kidding. She returns his ring to her. He asks her to keep the ring. She says we are not engaged and I just love Shivay. Anika finds his behavior strange.


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