Teni does a miracle in Dil Se Dil Tak


Teni accepts Dadi’s challenge and also gets the recipe from Dadi. A puja is kept at home. Teni works hard and makes the halwa for puja. She has a motive. She wants to unite the family. Teni succeeds by impressing Dada ji and Dadi. Teni tells Parth and Shorvori that she always does what she committed. Parth says just you could have done this miracle. Parth becomes Teni’s devotee and asks her where is her feet, he wants to touch her feet and take blessings.

Teni says I always fulfill the challenge. Teni is much emotional about Parth and Shorvori. They all got attached emotionally. Teni creates problems, but also solves everything. Teni convinces Dada ji and gets Parth and Shorvori back home. Teni’s smart idea succeeded. Teni praises herself that she has beauty and brains. She feels Dada ji and Dadi can make her house’s bahu and also give her the house keys saying she is the owner of the house. Teni talks cheerfully, and also brings a smile on Parth and Shorvori’s face.


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