Jhanvi to exit from Aditya’s life in Woh Apna Sa


Someone tries to kidnap Aditya’s daughters. Jhanvi and Samar hear the girls screaming. Jhanvi had to pick the girls from school, but she missed to do her duty because of Nisha. Jhanvi reaches school and saves the girls by Samar’s help. Nisha plans the kidnapping to make Jhanvi out of the house.

Jhanvi gets children home and tells Aditya that she will leave from the house, not because of Nisha, but for children’s safety. Nisha tells everyone that she has found a good flat for Jhanvi, she will have a comfortable and happy life there. Jhanvi agrees to leave. Nisha succeeds in sending Jhanvi away from Aditya. Aditya and Jhanvi get upset to get separated. Aditya asks her not to lose so soon. Jhanvi asks him to take care of himself. They have an emotional moment.


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