Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus Quick Sneak peek of Top 2 Prime Hits

Ishqbaaz: Shivay laughs on the tragedy occurring in his love story. He reminds Anika how things between them have drastically changed. Shivay and Anika get saddened on their fate. Anika asks him not to punish himself for her mistake. She does not want to stretch the blame game. She asks Shivay to forget everything and stop fighting. Anika feels she has lost Shivay and his love, so Shivay has also given up on their relation. Anika tells Gauri that she was just making the things fine but didn’t know how things got so wrong.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Naira and Karti worry in their confusion over their pregnancy. Naksh gets to hear the ladies conversation at home. He gets hopeful that Kirti will bring happiness in everyone’s lives. Kartik asks Naira to confirm her pregnancy, before telling anyone else in the family. He orders a pregnancy test kit. Manish calls up Naitik to know about Dahi handi competition. He asks Naitik and Naksh to participate with them. He finds this a good chance to get close to Kartik. He asks Naitik not to laugh on his awkward request. He knows Kartik will agree if Naitik tells him. Naitik understands why Manish is making such efforts and assures him of getting Kartik in the competition.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman takes care of Ishita. He makes her take good rest at home. Everyone is happy seeing Ishita fine and cheerful. Ishita gets bored of rest. Raman gets ready to entertain and even dance for Ishita. Ishita feels lucky that Raman is so caring. She shares her worry with him. Raman takes Ishita for a walk. A lady seeks help from Ishita. Raman helps the lady.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3:

Indrani and Pratham’s goons beat up Advay. Advay fights with them. He then gives up while seeing Chandni. Chandni gets worried seeing Advay’s injuries. Pratham takes Chandni to the mandap and starts the marriage rituals. Chandni cries seeing Advay’s state. Indrani controls Chandni. Advay expects Chandni to call him. Indrani gives Chandni’s hand to Pratham. Advay gets beaten to pulp. Chandni recalls of Advay’s passion for her.


Neil leaves family and home, which upsets Shweta. Shweta fails to make Avni away from Neil. She meets Dayavanti in jail and seeks her help to separate them. Avni sets Neil’s house. Neil asks Avni to sleep on the bed, than the couch. He doesn’t want to spoil her comfort. Shweta recalls her bonding with Neil. Dayavanti asks her to use any past link that can work in favor of her, than Avni. Shweta thinks of Juhi, who can help her in separating Neil and Avni. Neil asks Avni to realize his feelings and gives her time for this task. Avni tries arranging a nurse for Neil’s care. She fails to arrange anyone. Neil gets troubled to have a bath on own. Avni helps him out.


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