High Five Spoilers

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Beyhadh: Saanjh and Ayaan try finding Arjun. They don’t get any clue about Arjun. Arjun has gone missing. They get to know the people who kidnapped Arjun, their car number plate had fake number. Saanjh calls inspector and asks him to help them in finding the van. Inspector tells her that he can’t help. Saanjh will think like Maya and find out Arjun. Saanjh will get Arjun back.

Woh Apna Sa:

Someone tries to kidnap Aditya’s daughters. Jhanvi and Samar hear the girls screaming. Jhanvi had to pick the girls from school, but she missed to do her duty because of Nisha. Jhanvi reaches school and saves the girls by Samar’s help. Nisha plans the kidnapping to make Jhanvi out of the house.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Uma and Kanak have an argument over tea. The drama is too funny, but Uma gets serious. Kanak argues with him and tells how important is tea for her. Uma tells her that its like alcohol for them. He gets angry and asks Paulmi to get the tea container. He is against any addiction. He asks Kanak to drink kada to have good digestion. He disposes tea powder. Kanak asks him how can he call tea as wine, she is habitual to drink tea and get rid of laziness and headache, its part of my day. She says I can’t do any work without having tea in morning.


There will be many twists in Devanshi. Maya does havan to trouble Devanshi. Kalki ruins her puja. Maya gets angry and tells Devanshi that she won’t get saved next time. Maya has come to ruin everyone’s lives. Devanshi realizes the power of Maiyya. She comes to the temple and sits there. Kalki meets her. Devanshi tells Kalki that Maiyya loves her, but she couldn’t understand. Devanshi and Kalki do Maiyya’s aarti.

Dhhai Kilo Prem:

Bua ji refuses to give entry to Dipika and Meghna home. She asks Dipika to take Meghna back. Dipika has got Meghna for pagphere rasam. She tells Bua ji that they will leave after the rasam, its matter of few hours. She stays adamant to get the rasam done. Dipika has to do her duty anyways, even if anyone gets upset. Tusshar can’t control his tears and feels sorry for Meghna. He gives Meghna a gift and fulfills the Pagphere rasam. Dipika signs Meghna to finish rituals standing outside the house. Meghna cries and completes the rituals. Dipika leaves with Meghna.


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