Chandni’s marriage and bidaai turns sorrowful in Iss Pyaar Ko 3


Advay gets a shocking guest in his marriage. His Nani comes there to stop the wedding. Advay asks Nani how did she know about the marriage. Indrani asks Nani to explain Advay and control him. Nani tries explaining Advay for not making a relation with Chandni by force. She gets disheartened by his doing. Advay lies that Chandni is marrying Advay by her wish. Indrani asks Chandni about Pratham. Mama ji supports Chandni in her decision. He worries on not finding Chandni happy. Chandni covers up the reason why she agreed to marry Advay. Nani understands Advay has forced Chandni for marriage. She tells Advay that he can never undo the marriage. She asks him to think again. Advay is sure to keep his vows forever. Pratham scolds Chandni for fooling him. He tries to injure Chandni in a fit of rage. Chandni refuses to marry Pratham. Pratham tells her that he will not let anyone marry her. Advay couldn’t see Chandni’s humiliation and pain.

He beats up Pratham till he faints. Indrani stops Advay. Advay goes against everyone’s will and marries Chandni. Yash blesses Chandni and Advay for their marriage. Mama ji does the kanyadaan, when Indrani stops Yash from doing the rituals. Advay and Chandni take the wedding rounds. Advay has revenge and hatred in al his vows. He lifts Chandni in arms and makes vows to ruin Chandni and her family. Chandni vows to fail his hatred. Advay tells everyone that now he is Chandni’s husband and he has all rights to take her alongwith him. Chandni meets her parents with a sorrowful heart.


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