Vivaan fails to alert Chakor in Udaan


Imli comes back to the haveli and is revengeful against Chakor. She says Chakor has done this, Vivaan and I got separated, now I will separate Chakor and Suraj, Chakor has filled poison in my happiness and now I will ruin her happiness. Suraj and Chakor dress up in Bhuvan and Kasturi’s clothes. They get the new getup. Suraj tells Chakor that they will look such when they get old, like Bhuvan and Kasturi. Chakor jokes on Suraj. They compliment each other. Suraj asks him if she will always love him.

Chakor refuses to love him. Suraj and Chakor romance and play a retro song. They dance and celebrate togetherness. Suraj and Chakor’s sweet moments will be seen. Chakor acts annoyed with Suraj. He convinces her with love. Vivaan reaches them to alert them about Imli’s madness. Imli suspects Vivaan is going to inform Chakor. Vivaan tries to tell Suraj and Chakor about Imli’s revenge and motives to kill Chakor. Imli stops Vivaan and hits him down, stopping him from revealing anything to Suraj and Chakor.


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