Goenkas celebrate Naira’s good news in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Kartik and Naira to unite

Naira and Kartik celebrate Janmashtami in Goenka house, while Naksh and Kirti do the puja and rituals in Singhania house. Both the couples dress as Radha Krishna. Naira gets emotional and misses Akshara. She sings the aarti which Akshara used to sing. Naira apologizes to Kartik. They cover up the pregnancy confusion. Kartik tells her that they will get sure first and then tell family. Naira does not want to give tension to anyone. Bhabhimaa gets glad seeing Naksh and Kirti’s jodi. Everyone gets emotional. Kirti thanks everyone for accepting her so heartily. The family showers love on Kirti. Yash asks Naksh to keep trying and give happiness to Kirti.

Both the couples dance on Radha Krishna devotional song and celebrate the festival with family. Naira and Kartik’s confusion gets high. Everyone then prepares for Dahi handi competition. Manish is glad to spend time with Kartik. He tells everyone about his research to win the competition. They all discuss the plan. Naksh asks Manish and Naitik not to exert much. Kartik gets restless to get Naira’s test results. Everyone practice to break the Matki. The kids answer Naira’s phone and tell everyone about the call from nursing call. Dadi gets to know about Naira’s test. They all get the good news and assume Naira is pregnant. Happiness spreads in Goenka house, without getting the news confirmed by Kaira. Naira finally gets the report. Goenkas celebrate Naira’s good news. They plan a surprise for Kaira.


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