Naren to take angry avatar in Piyaa Albela


Pooja doesn’t know why Harish is getting unwell. Surpriya and Surbhi take care of Harish. Neelima arranges a doctor for Harish, and plans to make Harish paralyzed forever. Rahul is sure Pooja will dance on his fingers to save Harish’s life. Pooja explains Naren about fighting with evil. Naren prays for every evil and cheat to end. Pooja and Naren help a lady in the temple. Lady refuses to have water, as she has kept fast for her son. Naren explains her to have water to stay alive. Naren lies to the lady about her son sending prasad for her and feeds her water. Pooja gets glad that Naren understood what she was attempting to explain him, sometimes lie and cheat is important to do good to others. Harish gets more critical.

Rahul and Neelima blackmail Pooja about Harish. Neelima tells Pooja that Harish can get paralyzed forever. She asks Pooja to give the money to them, else lose Harish. She says just you can get a life for Harish now. Neelima kidnaps Pooja and asks her to sign on the papers. Pooja is sure that Naren will come to rescue her. Rahul and Neelima threaten to kill Pooja. They build up pressure on Pooja and answer all the smart moves Pooja played till now. Naren comes to save Pooja’s life. What will be Naren’s decision? Keep reading.


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