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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira and Kartik celebrate Janmashtami in Goenka house, while Naksh and Kirti do the puja and rituals in Singhania house. Both the couples dress as Radha Krishna. Naira gets emotional and misses Akshara. She sings the aarti which Akshara used to sing. Naira apologizes to Kartik. They cover up the pregnancy confusion. Kartik tells her that they will get sure first and then tell family. Naira does not want to give tension to anyone. Bhabhimaa gets glad seeing Naksh and Kirti’s jodi. Everyone gets emotional. Kirti thanks everyone for accepting her so heartily. The family showers love on Kirti. Yash asks Naksh to keep trying and give happiness to Kirti.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Everyone assume Mani is alive. They seek police help to find Mani. A surprise is on the way for Bhallas. Parmeet comes home in an injured state. He asks everyone to see whom he got. They all get surprised seeing Mani back. Mani is alive and fine in his senses. He rejoices to be back in between his loved ones. Everyone asks Mani about his disappearance. Mani gets pampered by the family. He eats the home made food after long time. Everyone gets thankful to Parmeet for getting Mani home. Mani tells the family about the incident. He says Raman and I decided to meet in restaurant and sort Adi and Aaliya’s issues. Mani visits Taneja and gets to know Taneja was framing Adi in drugs smuggling. When Mani tried to inform Raman, goons kidnap him and lock him somewhere. Mani then meets his lookalike Prakash, who tried to take his place knowing Mani is a rich businessman.


Advay gets a shocking guest in his marriage. His Nani comes there to stop the wedding. Advay asks Nani how did she know about the marriage. Indrani asks Nani to explain Advay and control him. Nani tries explaining Advay for not making a relation with Chandni by force. She gets disheartened by his doing. Advay lies that Chandni is marrying Advay by her wish. Indrani asks Chandni about Pratham. Mama ji supports Chandni in her decision. He worries on not finding Chandni happy. Chandni covers up the reason why she agreed to marry Advay. Nani understands Advay has forced Chandni for marriage. She tells Advay that he can never undo the marriage. She asks him to think again. Advay is sure to keep his vows forever. Pratham scolds Chandni for fooling him. He tries to injure Chandni in a fit of rage. Chandni refuses to marry Pratham. Pratham tells her that he will not let anyone marry her. Advay couldn’t see Chandni’s humiliation and pain.


Avni thinks about Shweta’s apology and request. Neil recalls how Shweta got distanced from him. Neil has his old bitter memories in heart, when his love Juhi left him. Shweta has supported Neil a lot and helped him move on in life. Neil was in shock of Juhi’s death. Ali calls up Avni and asks her to meet. Avni meets Ali and thanks him for always being her good friend. Avni doesn’t believe Riya. She apologizes to Ali.


Shivay thinks he can’t afford to lose Anika. He decides to stop Anika in his life. He keeps the ring at the pool side as per Anika’s words. He wants Anika back with him. He waits for Anika to come and acknowledge his decision. Anika tells Gauri that Shivay has sent the bridal clothes for her, asking her to go ahead for marriage. She feels Shivay wants her to leave from his life. Anika sees Shivay at the pool side and runs to see if he has kept the ring to give an answer to her. Shivay is happy that Anika has won, as eventually their love will triumph. Anika doesn’t get the ring, which is picked by Vikram. Anika thinks Shivay didn’t choose her. Anika gets dressed as the bride and goes ahead to marry Vikram. Shivay gets angry seeing her proceeding for marriage. They both get mistaken again. He gets enough of her madness, and she gets enough of his attitude. She calls Vikram and asks him to marry her. Anika goes with Vikram.


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