Vikram-Ragini’s plan stuns Anika in Ishqbaaz


Shivay thinks he can’t afford to lose Anika. He decides to stop Anika in his life. He keeps the ring at the pool side as per Anika’s words. He wants Anika back with him. He waits for Anika to come and acknowledge his decision. Anika tells Gauri that Shivay has sent the bridal clothes for her, asking her to go ahead for marriage. She feels Shivay wants her to leave from his life. Anika sees Shivay at the pool side and runs to see if he has kept the ring to give an answer to her. Shivay is happy that Anika has won, as eventually their love will triumph. Anika doesn’t get the ring, which is picked by Vikram. Anika thinks Shivay didn’t choose her. Anika gets dressed as the bride and goes ahead to marry Vikram. Shivay gets angry seeing her proceeding for marriage. They both get mistaken again. He gets enough of her madness, and she gets enough of his attitude. She calls Vikram and asks him to marry her. Anika goes with Vikram.

Omkara and Gauri try to send Shivay after Anika. Vikram gets happy to have Anika with him. Shivay is hurt that Anika is going to marry Vikram. Everyone donates some sense to Shivay. They advise him to act smart on time and rush to stop Anika. Everyone sees Vikram going the other way. Anika asks Vikram to end the drama. Vikram shows his true colors. He asks her to come ahead for marriage. Shivay gets angered thinking of Anika and Vikram. Anika learns Vikram and Ragini’s plan to separate Shivay and her. Anika threatens to inform Shivay about them. Ragini hurts Anika, which Shivay senses instantly. Shivay tries reaching Anika. He assures Sahil that he will get Anika back fine. Vikram tries to forcibly marry Anika. The Ishqbaazs arrive to get Anika back from Vikram’s clutches.


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