Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3: Advay’s new plan


Advay marries Chandni by blackmailing her about the baby, who is actually of Meghna. Advay doesn’t know about Meghna’s truth and assumes Chandni is the mother of the baby hidden from all the family members. He gets angered on Chandni for doing a pure woman drama and having a child out of wedlock. He taunts Chandni on her bad character, and believes the people’s stories about Chandni, that she has run away with her lover and came back home after few days. Advay takes Chandni home only to separate her from family. Advay’s Nani heartily welcomes Chandni at home. Chandni’s grah pravesh gets done. Chandni does not know Advay has laid a layer of thorns in the rose petals for her. All that seems to be a good welcome turns into a horrible reality when Advay tells his wicked plans to Chandni.

Advay tells Chandni that she is his bride just for one night, and then he would be leaving her forever. He asks Chandni to think of the defamation her family will face. Chandni is left to shed tears. Later, Advay plans a reception and holds a shocking gift for Chandni. Chandni feels if he is gifting her divorce papers. Advay stuns her by gifting her Meghna’s baby. Chandni gets speechless. Indrani and family asks about the baby. Advay reveals to everyone that Chandni is the real mother of the baby. The family gets aback by this shocking revelation. Advay uses the truth to spoil Chandni’s name and end the marriage with her. Will Advay leave Chandni? Keep reading.


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