Kanak’s decision upsets Rathis in Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji


Kanak doesn’t feel Uma is at fault completely. She feels guilty for cheating Uma for her selfish motives. She realizes Uma has never taken her advantage during her stay at his home. She starts valuing Uma’s goodness. While Ved and Vansh take Arpita’s help in getting Uma arrested, Kanak opposes them. Arpita asks Kanak to realize she is Sandhya’s daughter, how Sandhya has never tolerated anything wrong. Kanak gets in a dilemma. The family celebrates Kanak’s victory in setting an example for every girl to fight against injustice and wrong customs. They all think of giving Kanak a surprise of her freedom.

Kanak visits the family. Everyone welcomes her at home. They sing and dance, to make her feel happy. Bhabho gives a special gift to Kanak. Kanak gets delighted seeing the happiness in her family. Meenakshi asks Kanak to check the gift fast, else she won’t get peace. She tells Kanak about Bhabho’s outing trip gift. Kanak tells everyone that Uma didn’t go jail, Uma has come back to take her. Everyone gets tensed and their happiness vanishes. Kanak finds everyone upset. She decides to go to Ladno along with Uma.


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