Pooja to face Naren’s kundli dosh in Piyaa Albela


Supriya and Harish feel proud of Naren, for saving them in difficult times. Surbhi acts good in front of Supriya. She still wishes to marry Naren. She is ready to sacrifice Rahul if she can get a good life partner like Naren. Pooja maintains some distance with Naren, so that he stays fine. Mama ji gets concerned for Pooja. He encourages Pooja to stick to her decision and take a leave from Naren’s life. Pooja gets in a huge dilemma.

Rahul’s dad gets scared of landing in jail. Guru ji warns him against destruction. Guru ji asks him to grab the chance and change into a better man, else Naren will ruin him. Guru ji wants to use his spiritual powers towards good. Pooja meets Naren and tries to tell him about her decision to leave him for his good. Naren doesn’t let her say. He instead has huge expectations about their future. Naren tells Pooja that they will just have love between them, there won’t be any distance. Pooja gets hesitant to break his happiness. On failing to share her decision with Naren, Pooja falls weak in love. Guru ji explains the dire consequences of Naren and Pooja’s togetherness. He tells Pooja that she has to take all problems of Naren on her head in order to save him, she has to face all illnesses, disasters and difficulties. He asks Pooja is she so strong to take Naren’s kundli dosh on her. What will be Pooja’s decision? Keep reading.


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