Pragya to return in Abhi’s life in Kumkum Bhagya


Munni tries saving Disha from Sangram. Disha is worried that Sangram will kill Purab. Munni assures that she will save Purab as well. She thinks Sangram will find Disha and then leave when he doesn’t get her. Disha tells Munni that Sangram has seen her and now he will never leave without her, he may harm the family members. She doesn’t want to hide. Munni stops her from going out and showing useless courage that can be wrong for her life. She does not want Disha to get abducted.

Disha wants to support Purab and family, seeing them in big trouble. Munni asks Disha to hide than fighting with Sangram. She doesn’t want Abhi’s hardwork to go waste. On the other hand, Pragya gets conscious and thinks of Abhi. She looks for Abhi. Fortunately, Pragya retains her memory this time. She thinks of the incident when she got separated from Abhi. She decides to reach Abhi. Purab and Abhi face Sangram’s wrath. Sangram asks Abhi to get Disha, else he will kill him and others too. Sangram ties up the entire family.


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