Zee’s Mini Spoilers

Zee Spoilers Block Hits 21st June 2019

Woh Apna Sa: Nisha acts good towards Samar. Samar helps out Nisha in work. Nisha likes his sense of humor. She realizes his liking for Jhanvi. She makes him notice Jhanvi more. She tells him about Jhanvi living a tough life after her husband’s death. She makes Samar feel that Jhanvi needs some life partner. Aditya is glad that Jhanvi stayed back. He tells Jhanvi that Nisha is behaving strange. Jhanvi also feels Nisha has something in her mind, as she didn’t react when she came back home. Aditya feels Nisha is doing memory loss drama, but has no proof. He thinks Nisha is up to something. Jhanvi is confused about Nisha’s plans.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Munni tries saving Disha from Sangram. Disha is worried that Sangram will kill Purab. Munni assures that she will save Purab as well. She thinks Sangram will find Disha and then leave when he doesn’t get her. Disha tells Munni that Sangram has seen her and now he will never leave without her, he may harm the family members. She doesn’t want to hide. Munni stops her from going out and showing useless courage that can be wrong for her life. She does not want Disha to get abducted.


Kundali Bhagya:

Sanju misbehaves with Preeta and Shrishti. Sarla and her daughters teach a lesson to Sanju. The girls get to hear some true emotional lines by Sarla, who takes a stand to protect her daughter’s respect. Shrishti’s carefree attitude invites troubles for them. Sarla gets the problem under control. Shrishti starts getting inclined towards Sarla. Preeta then meets Rishabh, unaware of his real problem.

Piyaa Albela:

Pooja meets Naren and tries to tell him about her decision to leave him for his good. Naren doesn’t let her say. He instead has huge expectations about their future. Naren tells Pooja that they will just have love between them, there won’t be any distance. Pooja gets hesitant to break his happiness. On failing to share her decision with Naren, Pooja falls weak in love. Guru ji explains the dire consequences of Naren and Pooja’s togetherness. He tells Pooja that she has to take all problems of Naren on her head in order to save him, she has to face all illnesses, disasters and difficulties. He asks Pooja is she so strong to take Naren’s kundli dosh on her.


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