Advay turns raging on Chandni’s return in Iss Pyaar Ko 3


Chandni who dearly loves Indrani, feels guilty for defaming family. She cries seeing hatred in Indrani’s eyes for her. Chandni’s pain gets too high to handle. Meghna realizes its her child and Chandni has taken care of him. Chandni tells Meghna that she has done this for her. Mama ji tells Chandni’s sisters the entire truth how Chandni has saved the family’s respect always. He asks Meghna can she go and tell Indrani that its her child. Mama ji feels sad that Chandni has ruined her life for the family. He tells them that Chandni has married Advay only to hide this truth, she is tolerating such bad taunts for them. The sisters get worried for Chandni. Chandni packs her bags and gets prepared to leave from the house.

Advay’s Nani returns the house to Chandni to lessen the pain to some extent. Chandni doesn’t want to take the house by fear of Advay. Nani asks Chandni not to worry for Advay. Advay sounds upset on call. Advay doesn’t care for Chandni. Nani gets Chandni home with her. Advay turns angry on seeing Chandni in his home. Nani insists Advay to keep the marriage and not insult sindoor. Advay has deep hatred for Chandni. He refuses to listen to Nani. He drops Chandni out of the house.


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