Rishabh to get verbal about his feelings in Kundali Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya Rishabh to add twists in Preeta's marriage

Deepak gets happy when he meets Preeta in Mumbai. He proposes Preeta for marriage. He is sure that she will agree to marry him, after his great drama to make him emotional. Deepak wants to trap Preeta back. He informs his mum that he got a job as well. He asks her to find a mahurat for marriage, and start preparations, as Preeta will say yes very soon. Kritika is happy that Preeta has managed Rishabh and ended his confusion over marriage. The family gets mistaken that Rishabh loves Sherlyn. Rishabh learns that Sherlyn and he are a good match and can have a good future together. Still, he doesn’t wish happy to marry Sherlyn.

He feels he has stop the family and tell everyone that he likes Preeta. He decides to stop the marriage, which could do wrong with Sherlyn. Rishabh tells his mum not to call Sherlyn’s mum and fix the alliance. He doesn’t want anyone to know about kundlis match. He is in two minds over marrying Sherlyn. He doesn’t answer the reason of his decision, but gets prepared to tell about Preeta if needful situation arises.


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