Back-to-back Shivika’s cute moments lined in Ishqbaaz


Shivay plans a grand wedding with Anika. Everyone in the family is happy for them. Dadi asks Shivay to stay away from Anika if he has to marry Anika again. Shivay finds her joking and tells them that Anika is still his wife, all this is not needed. Dadi wants to trouble them, like they lost their peace of mind because of Shivika’s tadi games. Shivay tries to distant Anika from Pinky. Shakti asks Pinky to better realize her mistake, else she will be left out alone. Shivay is glad after getting his love back. He feels he is madly in love with Anika.

Shivay cooks food for Anika. She doesn’t like the food cooked in olive oil. Anika finds him cute. Shivay romances her, while Dadi interrupts them. There are really cute moments between Shivika. They bond like never before. They get a new task in hand, to unite Omkara and Gauri. Shivay asks Gauri to lessen the distance with Omkara. Anika asks Omkara to understand Gauri and end the distance between their hearts. Shivay feels Omkara and Gauri should know each other’s likes. Shivay tries reverse psychology to know what’s in Omkara and Gauri’s hearts. Anika tells Omkara that Gauri has moved on and doesn’t care for Omkara, as he has never said anything to her. Shivay asks Gauri to do something to make Omkara know her value. Anika asks Omkara to be nice to Gauri. Omkara and Gauri get into an argument. The couple share a cute moment. Shivay and Anika, and entire family get divided into two groups. They all make teams of groom and bride. Pinky feels at bay.


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