Dipika gets Piyush’s responsibility in Dhhai Kilo Prem


Dipika and Piyush have a lovey dovey eyelock. Dipika sits by Piyush’s side and takes care of him. Piyush is also in love with Dipika. She climbs the wall and comes to meet Piyush once. They care for each other. Dipika believes her choice was always right. Bua breaks their sweet moment. Bua doesn’t want Dipika to stay with them. Piyush misses Dipika. He is facing problems because of her presence. He thinks he is dreaming of Dipika. Dipika tells him that she is really there. Piyush has to convince dad to get Dipika back home. Dipika and Bua get into an argument. Bua puts all the blame on Dipika.

Piyush’s dad doesn’t believe Dipika. Dipika gets stubborn that she will stay at home till Piyush gets fine, no matter what happens. Piyush hears the arguments and faints. He gets more unwell. The family runs to care for Piyush. Doctor checks Piyush and gives his responsibility to Dipika. He asks them not to give any stress to Piyush, there shouldn’t be any family fights in front of Piyush. The family agrees to live peacefully.


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