Dadi’s request to bother Naira in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Everyone gets to know that Aditya has come in Dahi handi function and met Kirti. Kartik and Manish get worried that Aditya might have hurt Kirti. They get angry and try to call police. Kirti tells them that Aditya has just apologized to her. Akhilesh asks them to calm down and not take any action till Aditya does any mistake. Dadi feels Naira did wrong by telling about Aditya in front of Naksh and family. Naira assures Dadi that she will take care of Kirti. Dadi asks Naira to take care of alliance, she shouldn’t tell about Kirti’s past in front of Naksh. She does not want Singhanias to get annoyed with Kirti’s past. Naira tells Dadi that her family is much sensible.

Kartik turns caring towards Manish, seeing him much hurt after the accidental fall. Manish and everyone get emotional when Kartik takes initiative towards making his relation fine with Manish. KaiRa have a sweet challenge and romance. Manish finds hard to manage his work. Kartik takes good care of Manish. Dadi blesses them. Dadi feels insecure seeing Naira winning all the praise, instead Kirti. She asks Naira to get back, as everything is coming on her name. She asks Naira to let Kirti take her place in everyone’s hearts. Dadi instructs her to not do anything by going an extra mile and leave few things for Kirti. Naira moves back from arrangement duties.


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