Kukarmi throws a big challenge for Devanshi


Kalki is given a Mata status by the villagers. Devanshi is against this, but Kusum Sundari and Kukarmi Devi have declared to everyone that Kalki is the next Mata, and she will be honors with the throne within a month’s time. Everyone accepts Kalki as their new temple head. Kalki also feels trapped by them and thinks of something. She asks them to cheer for Kusum Sundari, who is her real mum. Devanshi has always won everyone’s heart. Kukarmi challenges Maiyya to save her temple and devotees from her. Devanshi will be standing as the prime devotee of Maiyya and fight with Kukarmi. Devanshi reaches the temple and sides Kalki.

She tells Kusum Sundari that she will not let her dream get fulfilled, this is a torture on Kalki and she will not let this happen. She takes police help to protect Kalki. Kalki comes in between and scolds Devanshi for talking to her mum with Kusum Sundari. She asks Devanshi how dare she talk to her mum like this. Devanshi wants to save Kalki from Kusum Sundari. She gets the doctor and asks him to tell everyone what’s written in reports, that Kusum Sundari is not Kalki’s mum. Kukarmi fails her plan. Doctor says this is true that Kusum Sundari is Kalki’s biological mum. Devanshi checks the reports. Kukarmi tells Devanshi to get habitual to chant her name now. She has got Kalki on her side to take revenge from Devanshi. Devanshi finds hard to save Kalki and the villagers.


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