Nikhil to meet with an accident in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Riya, Ruhi, Pihu and Nikhil get stuck in the lift, unknown that lift is under maintenance. Ruhi and Nikhil calm down the kids and try to seek help. Nikhil fails to get any help. Riya gets a claustrophobia attack. Ruhi and Nikhil get worried for Riya. Nikhil tries hard to open the door.

Ishita is upset that Raman doesn’t know anything about her. Raman tries to divert her mind. He tells her that he knows her choice well. He asks her not to take her test. Ishita takes his test, in which he fails miserably. Raman’s answers annoy her more. She gets frustrated.

Raman asks Ishita to forgive him. He admits he doesn’t know anything about him, but he will remember everything from now on. She does not want him to notice her on her saying. She compares Raman with Mani. She finds him uninterested in her. Raman tells Ishita that Mani and Shagun are newly weds and Mani’s interest will also get down with time. She asks Raman not to gift her anything. Raman and Ishita get to know about Ruhi, Nikhil and kids in trouble. Ishita comforts Riya by talking to her from outside. They all make Riya alert. Everyone fears for Riya’s health. Raman and Ishita track the slipping lift and try to get everyone out. Nikhil asks Ruhi to step on hiss shoulder and go out. Ruhi doesn’t wish to leave Nikhil back. Nikhil safely sends Ruhi out of the lift. They fail to get Nikhil out. Nikhil meets with an accident.


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