Zee’s Mini Spoilers

Zee Spoilers Block Hits 21st June 2019

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi: Prem and Tejaswini are going to unite. Tejaswini’s mehendi function goes on. Prem loves Tejaswini a lot. Tejaswini doesn’t let her dad’s secret come out. Tejaswini is still revengeful. She is cheating Prem and wants to get married to him.

Piya Albela:
Pooja doesn’t want to go away from Naren. She is helpless as she can’t even live with Naren. She gets much worried on not finding Naren with her. Naren surprises Pooja with flowers and brings a smile on her face. Naren gets Pooja’s mum’s jewelry and wins her heart again. Naren makes a holiday plan with Pooja. Pooja doesn’t wish to go on honeymoon, fearing for Naren’s life. She asks him to drop the plan as she is concerned for family. Naren asks her to leave all worries to Surbhi. Naren gets to know Pooja is planning something else. Supriya finds Pooja worried. Pooja hides her decision from Supriya. Guru ji calls Pooja for the havan, which she is doing for Naren’s sake. Supriya follows Pooja and spots her with Guru ji, doing the strange havan.

Kundali Bhagya:

Deepak gets happy when he meets Preeta in Mumbai. He proposes Preeta for marriage. He is sure that she will agree to marry him, after his great drama to make him emotional. Deepak wants to trap Preeta back. He informs his mum that he got a job as well. He asks her to find a mahurat for marriage, and start preparations, as Preeta will say yes very soon. Kritika is happy that Preeta has managed Rishabh and ended his confusion over marriage. The family gets mistaken that Rishabh loves Sherlyn. Rishabh learns that Sherlyn and he are a good match and can have a good future together. Still, he doesn’t wish happy to marry Sherlyn.

Woh Apna Sa:
Samar and Jhanvi bond like good friends. Samar asks Jhanvi not to hide her pain and move on in life. He is glad that she handles everything so well. He asks her to smile from heart, so that children also stay happy. Jhanvi is content and happy in her life, to get such lovely children and a doting husband like Aditya. She tells Samar that she has no fear to lose her happiness. Nisha gets revengeful to ruin her happiness. Jhanvi gets children admitted in the new school as per Nisha’s plan. Jhanvi and Samar check the school to get sure. They like the school. The children miss Aditya. Jhanvi hides Aditya’s truth from Samar. Jhanvi waits to Aditya to come home. She suspects Nisha. Even Aditya has same concern. Jhanvi gets a shocking news of Aditya and Nisha’s accident.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:
Adhiraj sends the mehendi for Devi. He wants Devi to get the mehendi applied some how, as the mehendi means his family respect. Devi is adamant for not getting the mehendi applied. Devi assures her uncle that she will not lose to Adhiraj. Adhiraj wants to do all the functions so that Devi doesn’t call the marriage improper.


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