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    Star Plus Quick Sneak peek of Top 2 Prime Hits

    Ishqbaaz: Omkara and Rudra make teams for the groom and bride. Omkara tells Gauri that he will decide the colors of clothes. Gauri also wants to try her hand. Shivay and Anika ask each other’s likes. They try to make Omkara and Gauri’s choices match. Pinky regrets seeing Shivay going away. Dadi asks Pinky to understand Anika, and realize her mistake. She asks her to value Shivay at least. She asks Pinky to change till there is time in her hand, else none will value her. Anika and Dadi decide to get Shiv Parvati idol home during Shivika’s marriage. Anika wants to bring Omkara and Gauri together. She stops Rudra and asks Omkara to go along with Gauri. Omkara wants to go alone. Shivay and Anika insist to send Gauri with Omkara.

    Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3:

    Advay’s Nani gets Chandni home. Advay refuses to accept Chandni. He tells Nani that Chandni also knows that the marriage was just for one night. He scolds Chandni for coming even after so much humiliation. Advay doesn’t leave a chance to further insult Chandni. Chandni has agreed to come to Advay’s house just on Nani’s insistence. Nani gave her hope that Advay loves her. Advay reminds Nani what Chandni did with them. He drags Chandni out of the house. Nani knows Chandni was hiding someone’s secret and maintained a silence to take blame on her. Chandni confides that she is doing everything for her family.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Everyone asks Naira not to refuse for doing her duties. They all get ready to assist Naira, but want her to make all her decisions. Dadi gets angry seeing Naira agreeing to take the things in hand. Naira fails to refuse to the family’s wishes. Dadi reminds Naira what she explained her to vacate her place for Kirti. Everyone observes Dadi pulling back Naira from Sangeet arrangements. Karishma is sure that Dadi is differentiating between Naira and Kirti. She asks the family not to justify Dadi’s actions. Dadi yells on Naira for doing as she wants. Naira checks Soumya’s cupboard to get a chunri for Kirti.


    Avni asks Neil about his past. Neil doesn’t reveal everything. Avni wants to know what’s bothering Neil. Avni asks him to check their gift. Bebe gifts Avni and Neil and surprises them. Bebe removes all the photos from Avni’s room, which Shweta planted. She burns all the photos and confronts Shweta for her plan. Shweta spits poison against Avni. Bebe asks her not to do such thing again. Shweta gets stubborn to break Neil and Avni. She asks Bebe to do anything to stop her. Bebe slaps Shweta in anger. She asks Shweta to remember the slap and not commit any mistake. Bebe informs Neela about the situation and how she has controlled it. Neela gets thankful to her.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Ruhi takes Nikhil to the doctor for general checkup. Doctor advises him to go for some tests. Nikhil refuses for it. Ruhi insists and gets too concerned for him. She realizes her feelings for Ruhi. Nikhil is given anaesthesia. He asks Ruhi not to leave her. Ruhi gets glad. She feels Nikhil was talking to her rudely just to hide his feelings. She tells Raman about Nikhil’s state. She goes to help Nikhil. Raman tries to make food and help Ishita. He tells Ruhi how true feelings need to bee expressed some times, it gives happiness to the person. Raman surprises Ishita by the dish. Ishita gets Raman’s gifted book with Shravan’s books and doubts he is reading it. Raman asks Ishita not to get after Shravan. Ishita doesn’t know Raman has kept the book on Shravan’s table.


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