Omkara and Gauri on journey to realize love in Ishqbaaz


Omkara and Rudra make teams for the groom and bride. Omkara tells Gauri that he will decide the colors of clothes. Gauri also wants to try her hand. Shivay and Anika ask each other’s likes. They try to make Omkara and Gauri’s choices match. Pinky regrets seeing Shivay going away. Dadi asks Pinky to understand Anika, and realize her mistake. She asks her to value Shivay at least. She asks Pinky to change till there is time in her hand, else none will value her. Anika and Dadi decide to get Shiv Parvati idol home during Shivika’s marriage. Anika wants to bring Omkara and Gauri together. She stops Rudra and asks Omkara to go along with Gauri. Omkara wants to go alone. Shivay and Anika insist to send Gauri with Omkara.

Shivay convinces Gauri to go with Omkara. He asks her not to talk to Gauri. Anika also asks Omkara to show some attitude to Gauri. Omkara and Gauri get inclined towards each other. Gauri makes plan to hear satsang CD to avoid talking to Omkara. Dadi asks Shivay and Anika to have three challenges to know whose love is victorious. Omkara asks Shivay to go for the challenges. Omkara and Gauri try to avoid talking and show attitude.


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