Makeover time for everyone in Meri Durga


Durga and her entire family get a makeover. Its Bantu’s Roka rasam. Choudhary family gets their new looks as per the theme. Durga calls his parents. Yashpal looks a gentleman in a suit. Annapurna gets shy to come out. Durga asks Annapurna not to feel uncomfortable. She asks her not to think anything about others. Dadi also doesn’t feel good wearing a long gown. She finds tough to walk. Durga helps Dadi. Dadi asks why did they choose black color clothes on a happy occasion. Yashpal compliments Dadi that she looks like a film heroine. Dadi asks him to look at himself, is this their age to wear modern clothes.

Sheela compliments Dadi for looking so young like Durga and Shilpa. Sheela and everyone bless Bantu. Durga does the rituals of Bantu’s Roka. The entire family dance to celebrate and make the occasion more special. Durga keeps a masquerade party. Rajveer wants Durga to practice well and focus on her training, as they are just few days left for district level championship. Rajveer feels awkward to stay in Durga’s house celebrations. He leaves from home. He is not aware of Neelkant’s goons following him to kill him. Rajveer keeps himself busy and buys a gift for Bantu. Rajveer safely gets back home. Durga asks Rajveer to dance. Rajveer refuses to her. Durga finds Rajveer worried.


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