Ruhi to confess her feelings in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ruhi takes Nikhil to the doctor for general checkup. Doctor advises him to go for some tests. Nikhil refuses for it. Ruhi insists and gets too concerned for him. She realizes her feelings for Ruhi. Nikhil is given anaesthesia. He asks Ruhi not to leave her. Ruhi gets glad. She feels Nikhil was talking to her rudely just to hide his feelings. She tells Raman about Nikhil’s state. She goes to help Nikhil. Raman tries to make food and help Ishita. He tells Ruhi how true feelings need to bee expressed some times, it gives happiness to the person. Raman surprises Ishita by the dish. Ishita gets Raman’s gifted book with Shravan’s books and doubts he is reading it. Raman asks Ishita not to get after Shravan. Ishita doesn’t know Raman has kept the book on Shravan’s table.

Raman shares a talk with Shravan to explain him. He then sees the book and tells Ishita that it doesn’t belong to Shravan. He clears that he got the book for Bala. Her misunderstanding gets solved. Ruhi thinks to confess her feelings for Nikhil. He has a broken heart and doesn’t want to talk to her. Ruhi tells Nikhil that she understands its tough for him to love anyone. She expresses his love to Nikhil. She gets keen to know his past. She gets sure that Nikhil will never hurt her. Ishita tries to know about Riya’s dad. She fails to get any info from Riya’s Nanu. Ruhi asks Nikhil to trust her once. Nikhil reciprocates Ruhi’s love. Nikhil is actually Riya’s dad, who has left Riya and her mum. Will this truth rock Ruhi’s life? Keep reading.


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