From Shwetlana’s evil to ghost’s entry…. much in store in Ishqbaaz


Jhanvi and Dandi try to find out about Peter and Kaveri. They reach a graveyard to find clue. They come across Kaveri’s grave and realize Kaveri is late. Jhanvi realizes Shwetlana is cheating her. She doesn’t know why Tej is involved in Shwetlana’s plan. Dandi gets the records and realize Peter and Kaveri are dead. Dandi is sure of the big deceive planned for some important purpose. Jhanvi meets Peter to confront him. Peter calls police and asks Jhanvi to leave. Shivay asks Jhanvi to come back home, and informs about Anika and his marriage. Jhanvi requests Peter and Kaveri to come to Oberoi mansion. Sh asks Peter to act as Tej till she finds Tej. Peter and Kaveri agree to help her. Shwetlana’s plan succeeds. She eases her entry in Oberoi mansion. Tej didn’t wish this to happen. He ends Peter’s drama. Shwetlana keeps an eye on his every move.

Anika and Shivay take a cooking challenge posed by Dadi. They both struggle to make the dish of each other’s choice. Meanwhile, Omkara and Gauri get the news of the ghosts near the temple, where they are reaching. They stop at the dhaba and get to know about ghosts. Their car breaks down at the spot. A ghost follows Omkaa and Gauri. Gauri gets scared and tries to leave from the place. They don’t know that the ghost is in the back seat of their car. Gauri and Omkara then scream seeing the ghost. They leave their car and run away.


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