Kusum Sundari wins Vardaan-Kalki’s support in Colors’ Devanshi


Devanshi and Kusum Sundari have a confrontation. Devanshi does not want to let Kusum Sundari succeed this time, Kusum Sundari played such a game and made Kalki away from Devanshi. Kalki misbehaves with her teacher by listening to Kusum Sundari. Devanshi stops Kalki and asks her why did she misbehave with her teacher. She asks her to apologize to teacher. Kalki refuses to say sorry. Vardaan teaches Kalki.

Devanshi doesn’t like Vardaan’s teachings. She stops Vardaan from teaching any nonsense. She understands he is purposely doing this. Kalki gets angry on Devanshi and asks who are you to come between us, Vardaan can teach me anything, I will not learn from you. Kusum Sundari doesn’t want Kalki to get admission in school. Vardaan wants Kalki to fail in the admission interview and test. He has turned negative and opposing Devanshi in everything she does. Kalki’s behavior upsets Devanshi. Kalki feels Devanshi is not right for her. She got mad for Kusum Sundari’s love.



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