Saanjh to receive a shocking gift in Beyhadh


Jailer takes unconscious Maya to the hospital. Jailer and doctor have an argument over Maya’s state. Jailer is sure that Maya is acting. She doesn’t believe Maya. Jailer tries a trick. She tells Maya that Arjun Sharma is dead. Maya gets conscious and shouts….She cries for Arjun.

Meanwhile, Saanjh gets Arjun’s message that he is sending a gift for her. She receives a gift and thinks its a surprise from Saanjh. She checks the gift and gets a shock seeing broken bangles and a white saree. She starts crying while recalling Maya’s threatening. Her happiness end in a moment. Suman and Ayaan pacify her. Saanjh understands Maya is doing all this while sitting in jail.


Saanjh and Arjun are getting married, and Suman wants to fulfill all the traditions and rituals. She asks Arjun and Saanjh to respect the traditions, and value marriage, its not any joke, its a serious relation. Suman fears Maya will do something against Saanjh. She says till Maya is alive, I have to be alert, I can’t take any chance about Arjun and Saanjh’s lives and happy future.


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