Ruhi shares her emotions with Ishita in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Riya’s Nanu tells Raman and Ishita about his daughter marrying her love against his will. She left the house and family even when she knew her lover was a poor guy. He tells them that his son in law wanted to abort the girl child, he felt my daughter and the would be child. He decided to keep that man away from his daughter. Everyone feels sympathetic with Riya. Raman and Ishita find his decision right to keep Riya away from his dad. Raman plans a dinner with Ishita. Ruhi hides her secret from Simmi. Ishita tries to know Ruhi’s feelings. Ruhi shares her secret with Ishita. She tells Ishita about her love for Nikhil. She is happy in her life and is sure about Nikhil. She asks Ishita to give her some time to know Nikhil better.

Ishita supports Ruhi, after Nikhil saved the kids by risking his life. Ishita asks Ruhi not to worry. Nikhil plans a meet with Ruhi. Ruhi gets nervous to meet him, as he has turned into her love from a good friend. Raman is worried for Ruhi and Pihu’s future. He feels sorry for Riya. Ishita thinks to share about Ruhi and Nikhil with Raman. Nikhil decides to tell his past to Ruhi. Ruhi refuses to know anything about him. She gets to see about his former love. Nikhil asks Ruhi to know his past, as its much important for their relation.


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