Neil decides to move on with Avni in Naamkarann


Avni tries to find about Juhi/Meher. She gets her sketch made to seek police help in finding her. Neil shares his past with Avni. He tells her about his love for Juhi. Dayavanti suggests Gurumaa to get Avni involved in her business, so that Avni breaks down. Dayavanti asks Gurumaa to seek her help if she wants. DD gets informed about Gurumaa escaping from jail. DD gets the team ready to catch her. Neil tells Avni how he lost Juhi and he couldn’t do anything. He says Juhi was like Avni, very much fearless.

Gurumaa meets Meher and reminds the favor how she saved her from the world’s bad sight. Neil tells Avni that he has sworn to save innocent girls from wrong people. Avni feels Neil has much pain in his heart. She consoles him. Meher performs in Gurumaa’s Rangmahal. Gurumaa tells Meher to stay away from Avni and Neil. Neil wants to stop crime and help the people. Avni feels proud of Neil. She tells Neil that they have come closer today as he has shared his past with her. Avni cheers up Neil. He thanks her for understanding him. Neil confesses love to Avni and asks her not to feel insecure by his past.


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