Dipika shares a good news with Piyush in Dhhai Kilo Prem


Dipika and Piyush are coming closer. She is taking care of him. Everyone is worried seeing Piyush’s state. He had a heart attack. Doctor advised not to give any tension to Piyush. Dipika consoles Piyush. She asks him to take rest, she will never leave him and go. They have a moment of love. Piyush’s heart is melting for her. He realizes he loves Dipika, not Sarika. Piyush’s Bua plans to do something to make Dipika away from Sharma family.

Piyush gets a strong urge to have pizza. He lies and hides from everyone to have a pizza. He has a weak heart and is advised to eat healthy food. Dipika wants Piyush to get fine soon, he can stay fit if he controls his diet. She limits his diet. Piyush eats the pizza in his room. Dipika comes to the room. Piyush hides the pizza by lying on it. He makes an excuse that he is doing yoga to turn healthy. He tells Dipika that he wants to get fine soon. He hides pizza behind the pillow. Dipika gives him a good news that he doesn’t need any treatment, as his reports were swapped with someone else, now he will never undergo any surgery, but he has to avoid junk food. She asks him is he having pizza, why is its smell coming in the room. Piyush lies that he doesn’t want to get a heart attack by having pizza.


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