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Santoshi Maa: Prabal attacks Dhairya when Devi Paulmi reminds him the work for which we went on earth. The family takes Dhairya to hospital. Dhairya gets serious. Santoshi cries and prays to Santoshi Maa for Dhairya’s recovery. Prabal has fallen in love with Santoshi. He is innocent, and doesn’t know Devi Paulmi is using him by deceive.


Jailer takes unconscious Maya to the hospital. Jailer and doctor have an argument over Maya’s state. Jailer is sure that Maya is acting. She doesn’t believe Maya. Jailer tries a trick. She tells Maya that Arjun Sharma is dead. Maya gets conscious and shouts….She cries for Arjun.

Meanwhile, Saanjh gets Arjun’s message that he is sending a gift for her. She receives a gift and thinks its a surprise from Saanjh. She checks the gift and gets a shock seeing broken bangles and a white saree. She starts crying while recalling Maya’s threatening. Her happiness end in a moment. Suman and Ayaan pacify her. Saanjh understands Maya is doing all this while sitting in jail.


Dayavanti makes a plan to kidnap Avni. Riya and Aman make everyone eat the drugged sweets. Ali is also present in Ganpati utsav and doesn’t know Riya’s plans. Riya makes excuses and tells Ali that Shweta invited her here. Everyone in Neil’s house eats the sweets and fall unconscious. Aman asks the kidnapper to take Avni to Dayavanti. Ali comes there in time and asks Riya what is she doing, how is everyone unconscious. Riya asks him who is he to ask them. She denies to know everything. Ali gets worried seeing them and takes care of Bebe.

Piyaa Albela: Pooja is helpless by her kundli dosh. She wants to give divorce to Naren. Naren shares his emotions with Pooja. Naren gets romantic. Pooja adds sleeping pills and makes him sleep to keep distance from him. Pooja’s heart breaks to hurt Naren. She is ready to get away from Naren and his life, just to save him. She asks Naren to give her divorce right away, and its not any joke. She tells Naren that she doesn’t love him and wants to end their marriage. She behaves bad and insults him, which shocks Naren. She asks him to take time till evening and sign the papers. She gets too sad and finds it tough to ask for divorce. She breaks Naren’s heart.


Devanshi and Kusum Sundari have a confrontation. Devanshi does not want to let Kusum Sundari succeed this time, Kusum Sundari played such a game and made Kalki away from Devanshi. Kalki misbehaves with her teacher by listening to Kusum Sundari. Devanshi stops Kalki and asks her why did she misbehave with her teacher. She asks her to apologize to teacher. Kalki refuses to say sorry. Vardaan teaches Kalki.


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