Avni to defend Ali against false accusations in Naamkarann


Riya is kidnapped by Dayavanti and Raghu pandit/Gurumaa’s goons. They planned to kidnap Avni, but Riya gets trapped. The family worries for Riya. The kidnapping blame comes on Ali. Riya is sent back home with a new plan. Riya comes home in a dizzy state. Shweta and others care for Riya. They treat Riya and get her reach a stable state to know what happened with her. Riya comes to senses and tells everyone that she was kidnapped at night, the kidnappers came to kidnap Avni. Neil gets informed that Ali is behind all this. Avni refuses to believe this. She tells Neil not to blame Ali, as he can never do this.

Shweta asks Avni why is she taking Ali’s side, can’t she see the truth. Bebe asks Shweta to stop it. Shweta asks Bebe to see what’s happening with them and Neil, how can she ask her to be quiet when her son’s life is in danger. Avni tries to explain everyone that Ali can’t do this. Shweta is already against Avni, and she gets a call when Ali answers the kidnapper’s phone. Shweta tells them that Ali is the kidnapper.

Neil requests them not to blame Ali till police doesn’t investigate the matter, its delicate situation and any innocent person can’t be punished without any proof, this is a police protocol, none will contact Ali, if anyone informs this to Ali, then that person will be doing wrong. Avni worries for Ali and doesn’t want him to get punished for someone else’s crime. Avni will find evidences to prove Ali’s innocence. Shweta will also try to plan again and use Ali in breaking Neil and Avni.


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