Bhairavi plans to kidnap Sanjana in Sasural Simar Ka


Bhairavi calls Sanjana home by an excuse. Bhairavi attacks Sanjana. Sanjana falls in a new problem. She is very much worried. Bhairavi wants to kidnap Sanjana. Sanjana fights with her. Sanjana tries to run away and collides with Sameer. Sameer doesn’t know the matter. Sanjana scolds him for his repentance drama, if all his tears were fake. She tells him about Bhairavi’s kidnapping plan. Sameer gets a shock and denies everything. She expresses hatred and goes. Sameer is worried by Bhairavi’s move.

He asks Bhairavi why did she do this, when she promised she will get Sanjana home. Bhairavi calms his anger. She tells him that she wanted to get Sanjana home to his sake and did this. Sameer asks her not to get Sanjana by any unfair means. Pari tells Bhairavi that Sameer is thinking much for Sanjana and Bharadwaj family. Sanjana is staying safe with Bharadwaj family. Bhairavi wants to create misunderstandings between them.


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