Shrishti doubts on Karan-Preeta’s bonding in Kundali Bhagya


Karan saves Preeta from the goons. Karan gets hurt in the process. Preeta gets Karan home. Karan gets conscious. He feels dizzy. Preeta cares for him. She calls the doctor for him. Preeta asks the family to leave Karan alone for some time. They ask Preeta to apply the lep to Karan. Shrishti gets glad thinking there is something cooking between Preeta and Karan. She checks Preeta’s feelings. She says I will apply the lep to him. Preeta takes the lep from her and goes to Karan. Shrishti guesses Preeta and Karan are having something between them. Karan feels uncomfortable seeing Preeta back. He taunts her for getting desperate to be with him. Preeta doesn’t reply him. Karan worries seeing her smiling.

He asks her not to act sweet and think of him as a fool. He doubts on her intentions. She clears that she is just helping him. Preeta starts insulting him and expressing her hatred for him. She then thanks him for saving her life from Sanju. She wants to do her aid just to repay his favor. Karan’s family arrives at Sarla’s house and blame them for Karan’s state. Karan does drama and blames Preeta for always staring at him and taking advantage of his injury. He asks Preeta not to come close to him.


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