Dadi poses a tough challenge for Shivay in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz: New twists mark beginning of fresh love tale

Dadi sets three challenges for Shivay and Anika. First challenge was cooking and second challenge was to swap roles. The third challenge gets tougher for Shivay. Dadi asks Shivay to adapt to Anika’s life and stay in her house for a day. Dadi gives this third challenge to only Shivay, as Anika has been staying with them in their lifestyle. Shivay and Anika take the challenge to prove their love. They reach Anika’s house. Shivay takes some time to settle. He finds living there tough as there are no comforts and needful thnigs. Shivay feels hotter in the house, since there is no AC.

Anika asks him to come at the window, fresh air is coming. Shivay sounds happy and says I feel like the king of the jungle. She says nothing is obtained easily here. Shivay expresses love. He doesn’t care of Anika’s past life and promises a good future to her. He sees there are many issues in her house, but is ready to cross any hurdles to prove his love. Shivay and Anika have a romantic Titanic moment. They pose standing at the window and enjoy the fresh breeze. Shivay and Anika show love for each other.

On the other hand, Omkara and Gauri have an argument, by following Shivay and Anika’s tips. Omkara and Gauri come to Dada ji’s old haveli to get an idol. Omkara wants to take the idol home. He learns that his servant has sold the idol for money. The servant has sold idol to a wrestler. The wrestler asks Omkara to fight with him and take the idol if he wins. He challenges Omkara, to which he readily agrees. He tells Gauri that he will win the Dangal and take the idol home for Shivay and Anika’s marriage.

Gauri feels love for Omkara seeing him practice for Dangal. Omkara watches some videos and practices fighting. Meanwhile, Bhavya wants Rudra to learn living like common people and value his life. Seeing the challenges going on between groom and bride, she also thinks to give a challenge to Rudra. She asks him to repair a broken leaking water tap. Bhavya feels love for Rudra, seeing him do the work. She wants Rudra to become a responsible man. Rudra fixes the water tap and passes her challenge.


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