High Five Spoilers

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Udaan: Imli has planned well and got Vivaan admitted in the hospital. She wants Vivaan to get fine. She can’t bear to lose Vivaan. There is much disturbance in their lives, all because of Imli. Imli cries and asks Vivaan to get up. She asks Suraj to save Vivaan. She does drama and asks him about her baby. She tells her family that she is very sorrowful over her miscarriage. Imli throws things in the ward and creates huge drama, fooling Suraj and her parents. Suraj finds hard to answer Imli about her baby. Suraj consoles her. Imli faints.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:

Adhiraj scares Devi and threatens her that a fire is surrounding her, everyone whom she loves will be burnt by this fire. Devi is troubled by his goons. Devi gets worried. Adhiraj tells her that if she doesn’t agree to marry him, her family will pay the price.


Meghna and Kunal have left the house. Nirmala, Karan and Naina came to meet Kunal and Meghna. They play games and have pakodas. They enjoy some good time. Kunal and Meghna welcome Nirmala well, and makes her glad. Meghna faces Naina at her house and learns a big truth. She is very angry hearing it. The sisters have a fight. Meghna says if you told us that you came to take Karan, would we stop you, you want to rule the house, these keys are more important to you than sister. Meghna gets against Naina. Their relations change because of Kunal’s truth.


Pihu returns to Suchi and asks her to send her mum to Anandita any way. Suchi misguides her to get rid of her. Suchi asks Pihu to go along the parcel which will be reaching her mum. Pihu stops on the way on seeing her favorite sweets. She misses to go with the parcel van. Pihu lands back at home to seek help from Suchi. Will Suchi help Pihu? Keep reading.


Dadi sets three challenges for Shivay and Anika. First challenge was cooking and second challenge was to swap roles. The third challenge gets tougher for Shivay. Dadi asks Shivay to adapt to Anika’s life and stay in her house for a day. Dadi gives this third challenge to only Shivay, as Anika has been staying with them in their lifestyle. Shivay and Anika take the challenge to prove their love. They reach Anika’s house. Shivay takes some time to settle. He finds living there tough as there are no comforts and needful thnigs. Shivay feels hotter in the house, since there is no AC.


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