Kamini gets Ayaan punished in Love Ka Hai Intezaar


Kamini tracks Mohini’s phone on knowing she is in problem. Kamini worries for Mohini. She gets to hear Madhav’s voice on call when she tries reaching Mohini. Kamini doubts that Mohini is at the house which Madhav bought for her. Kamini reaches the place to find Mohini, but the latter leaves from there before Kamini arrives. Madhav feels Kamini is close to him, when she hears her voice. Ayaan tries to clear Mohini’s misunderstanding about Madhavi and him. She comes to Kamini’s house to meet Mohini and clear the matter. Mohini meets Ayaan, and gets spotted by Kamini.

Kamini learns about Ayaan and Mohini’s love story. Kamini calls police and gets Ayaan beaten up by police. She wants to teach a lesson to Ayaan. She asks inspector to keep Ayaan away from Mohini, he is troubling a lot. Ayaan asks inspector to do anything, Mohini loves him and that’s why she is supporting him, if he was teasing her, she would have slapped him. Kamini asks inspector to take action against Ayaan. She doesn’t want Ayaan to come her home. Ayaan gets beaten. Mohini worries for him and cries. Kamini controls Mohini. She stops Mohini from going to him. Ayaan is mad about Mohini. Mohini doesn’t want to upset Kamini. Ayaan wants to get Mohini’s love and convince Kamini.


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